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Our internationalization consultancy program will also be able to support your contract management after-sales service organization to improve the execution and management of the below jobs, tasks, and operations with a strong project-based approach:

Planning & Controlling

  • manages the project (contract/agreement) within the contractually defined quality framework (time, budget, functionality) from kick-off to final acceptance.
  • chair the kick-off and define with the support of the project engineer and production manager the project milestones, WBS, CBS, technical staff and the sub-project handover to main contract partners, subsidiaries and interplant units 
  • handles the forecast costs allocations, all relevant planning elements (materials, equipment, services, resources) and milestone work results, according to the defined programs/projects portfolio
  • sets up and maintains the internal project management plan 
  • defines procedures and requirements concerning quality management (audits, system tests, acceptance checks) according to internal/customer quality management standards
  • monitors continuously the project status (taking into account financial target), early identification of discrepancies and initiates targeted correction actions
  • holds regular project status meetings, prepare the progress reports and organizes acceptance of milestone work results
  • manages the acceptance of delivery units and services, performing quality controls and internal/external expediting/correction actions

 Engineering Management

  • collaborate (integrating project and system engineering domains) with the project engineer on the management of the engineering team ensuring that staff has an appropriate project understanding
  • takes leadership of and provides directions and communications to the engineering team, internal/external manufacturing partner, subsidiaries and interplant units  
  • participates together with the project engineer in meetings and survey with an internal manufacturing partner, customers, consultant engineers, third-party agencies, quality assurers and subcontractors regarding project activities
  • reviews engineering and workshop drawings, documentation, procedures, and studies in compliance with stipulated, requirements, guidelines, and technical standards
  • reviews all required engineering standards and regulations
  • monitor systems engineering procedures, engineering deliverables progress, software release schedules and expedites design/workflow
  • during field service operations, support the field service coordinators to promptly involves the relevant engineering specialists to guide the field engineers team and participate in the conference call or customers meeting

Customers Management

  • operates as the main project interface actively gathers information on the customer and the customer's requirements/targets
  • involves the customer in decision-making, provides regular information and feedback
  • manages customer expectations and concludes the project to the satisfaction of the customer
  • identifies cross-division business opportunities
  • creates additional business opportunities out of the ongoing project
  • devises and implements strategies for strengthening market and customer commitment
  • negotiates and mitigates with the customers all the critical project issues

 Proposal/Contract Management

  • participate in the bid preparation for projects and spare-parts (SPIR FORM) offers
  • analyzes customer requirements, clarify and examines their technical feasibility and transferability into a bid
  • ensures that the technical and commercial approval process with all risk assessments (including compliance) is followed
  • examines the bid costing in terms of financial efficiency
  • ensures that incoming order specifications (scope, requirements) and costing is done and documented
  • involves the relevant partners in the bid phase.
  • ensures that all planning elements (e.g. system structure, work breakdown structure) are included in the bid phase
  • influences formulation of the constraints of contracts
  • ensures that the results of risk assessments and compliance risk assessments are appropriately addressed in contracts and in costing

 Site Management and HSE

  • promoting QHSE compliance at every opportunity, escalating any integrity issues
  • collaborate with the field service coordinators on the management of the field service team ensuring that staff has an appropriate project understanding and all the required tools/instrumentations are available to perform the planned activities
  • collaborate with the HSE and field service coordinators for all HSE process, documentation, training, and equipment.
  • collaborate with field service coordinators for all VISA, travel, personnel Oil&Gas certifications, BOSIET, gate pass and logistics issues of the sites/yards/vessels.

Risk & Opportunity, Issue Management

  • throughout the project life cycle, identifies and assesses all risk factors utilizing available information and risk measurement tools
  • devises suitable strategies for risk mitigation (elimination, reduction)
  • implement the procedure for solving issues and problems (identification, analysis, actions and controlling) with all necessary internal and external partners/stakeholders
  • identify and minimizes non-conformance costs
  • manage and minimizes back charge requests
  • ensures risk monitoring and communications in all project phases
  • throughout the project life cycle identifies, assesses, and implements all opportunities for improving results
  • negotiates with stakeholders on change requests and incorporates them into contracts
  • assesses risks in terms of effects on the business units, defines measures/action to be taken and ensures early escalation
  • deploy “all risks” insurance plan and contracts

 Claim Management

  • involves the project team in the identification of claims
  • assesses contracts in terms of claim-relevant significance, ensures examination by a legal expert
  • puts the strategy for making/mitigating claims rigorously into practice
  • at an early stage, informs customer, management and project team of scope deviations
  • at an early stage, identifies and mitigates external claims
  • conducts (jointly with procurement and sales) negotiations on making/mitigating claims
  • devises (with business coordinators) the strategy for making/mitigating claims
  • enforces legitimate claims and fends off unjustified claims/back charges

Subcontractors/Partner Management

  • involves qualified subcontractors/partners in a timely manner
  • selects subcontractors/partners according to defined criteria (strategic, technical and budget)
  • define contracts/frame agreements structure, scope, and budget
  • rigorously monitors the performance of the subcontractors/partners, conducts timely escalation (in the event of qualitative shortfalls and problems in cooperation) and where there are any discrepancies, initiates timely suitable actions (expediting, escalation,  back-charge, claim)
  • identifies further opportunities for business with the partners
  • review all subcontractors/partners proforma invoices prior to their acceptance

Procurement and Logistics

  • involves procurement at an early stage according to valid corporate procurement rules
  • ensures that all procurement activities comply with the valid processes and regulations
  • negotiates based on defined requirements with subcontractors/partners and enters into back-to-back agreements in alignment with the customer contract
  • plans the procurement strategy with the procurement officer
  • plan and submit the necessary purchase order requests

Financial Management

  • manages the project within the defined financial targets (budget, target costing, target profit)
  • ensures compliance with internal finance and reporting standards
  • optimizes project profitability and ensures business success
  • lives P/L responsibility for the project as defined in the agreed forecast target
  • initiates invoicing according to project progress
  • ensures regular financial controlling and reporting
  • takes strategic viewpoints into account when managing the finances of the project
  • support the financial team to recover foreign withholding tax credit retention  
  • develops targeted financing models in agreement with controllers/credit management team
  • define international payments methods, plan and due dates, mitigating credit and foreign currency exchange risk


  • communicates on a cross-sector/division or cluster/region level with internal contacts on opportunities for doing further business
  • cooperates with line experts on business development knowledge management
  • seeks and actively utilizes sources of information, knowledge, and experience
  • analyzes information, knowledge, and experience, and makes project learning available
  • conducts a project closure meeting and lessons learned workshop
  • seizes opportunities to learn from others and to exchange experience
  • coaches/Mentors new project team members according to requirements

Leadership, Communication, Project Interface Management, and Soft Skills

  • ensures efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders and project interfaces
  • ensures targeted and full communication within the project team
  • agrees targets with project staff and delegates defined responsibilities and authority
  • monitors the motivation of the project team
  • coaches and controls the team/individual members of staff
  • holds feedback sessions with each directly assigned member of staff
  • seeks active feedback (e.g. from members of staff, managers, customers)
  • provides input in the context of the performance management process
  • consults manager of staff members concerning their individual training and development
  • develops and trains actively newly engaged staff members in close coordination with the resource manager
  • provides Know-how in the context of project management and thus serves actively to secure the quality standards

Business Integrity

  • seeks and actively utilizes information on current compliance with relevant policies and regulations within the organization: mainly business conduct/tax/financial regulations/EHS (environment, health, and safety)
  • involves the respective compliance officer
  • forwards all relevant information to the project team members and partners
  • sets up a framework to ensure regular checks of the compliance in the project, e.g. by conducting compliance risk assessments at the appropriate milestones/quality checks